preludes to flight

here’s what we’ve pasted together...
   Breathtakingly beautiful, not just in the prose, but in the immense sentiment.
   -- Sara Brandes

   Among the best reads I’ve had in years! Somehow, the world has to find out about it!
   -- Patricia K. Baskin, editor
   Still thinking about the portion of the book you 
read. It was wonderful in every way. I have to say that I laughed at least 3 times today when I thought about you visiting your grandmother in the convalescent home.
   -- Joan Blumberg, publishing consultant

   The story was mesmerizing and spoke to me on so many levels. Our family has a long and storied tradition of complex relationships. Your challenges were particularly difficult and yet I was amazed at how you retained your composure and moved forward in the face of tremendous adversity.
   -- Richard Rubenstein, President, Rubenstein Public Relations (cousin)

   I love the beauty of well-crafted language. Your writing is beautiful -- very deep and wonderfully descriptive...
   -- Susan Driscoll, publishing executive

   My eyes filled with tears when reading ‘A Seat at the Table.’ Your words poked at my soul and helped me gain perspective. As writers the only success we can count on is that we did it... Beyond that, we have only the dream that we will touch others with our words. You have done that.
   -- Melanie Hoffert, writer

   I’ve been reading a few pages before turning off the lights at bedtime and am so impressed by the skill of the writer... Very well done -- and very funny regarding your grandmother. She reminds me of my mother -- the Old World superstition and drama; ignorance as authority, if not bliss. What a monumental undertaking! And gift to your family, friends and the world.
  -- Ron Pobiel


   How intimate storytelling can be. I am reminded of why I have always enjoyed reading...You're a master at erudite weaving of allusions.
   -- Ann Nguyen, editor

   Your capacity to bring thoughts and feelings into words is so gratifying. Time after time your writing arrests attention.
   -- John Booss, Professor Emeritus, Yale University School of Medicine 

   I just finished reading your Preludes to Flight. The stories about your wonderful, gifted maternal grandfather are beautifully, achingly told. And your first and only meeting with your birth father in your 20s! This like a depth charge into the ocean. Knowing you, the writer, makes your memoir even more potent reading. Someday soon, when Hannah and Elliot mature, they will surely appreciate that they have here a remarkable narrative of family devotion and irrevocable loss, told by their father in such elegant language.
   -- Marcie Hoerner, writer
   I have to tell you how much I loved your book.  You gave it to Michael on Wednesday; by Saturday afternoon I had finished it — it was so riveting.  Part of my enjoyment was your writing.  Part of my enjoyment was learning how similar your family history is to Michael's...Most of my enjoyment, and I use the word very loosely here, was reading the very poignant story of your family. 
   -- Barbara Goldstein

   I finished your book last weekend. I LOVED it.
   -- Joanne Fiore, publisher

   What a rich, wonderful legacy you have left for your children! And what a 
gift to all who have the pleasure of knowing you! ...Only a handful of college professors (none in my major!) resonate with me still. One is an avant-garde history professor, who challenged us students to nurture our kindness, compassion, and empathy. We “read” a good part of James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake in class. [He] talked about the polysemous nature of the words and phrases and imagery, and how Joyce was not bound by literary conventions, but instead expressed himself beautifully in his own moving way. Just like you!
   -- Sharon Quimby, editor

   Great insight and imagery. It’s so beautifully written.
   -- Kathy Schneeman



   It turned out to be far more than just an interesting story. The brilliance of the presentation, in my opinion, is how events in the lives of others are so deeply and honestly portrayed, with the author finding reasons for excusing all their frailties, while at the same time being openly willing to expose how some of their weakness may be his as well.  
   As for weakness, I must confess, as you have done, 
that I too am easily prone to tears. You lifted me from the couch and placed me into the depth of the story, 
and I felt, once again, all of everyone's emotions while reliving mine. 
   The book is so much more than I expected. You have this ability to present in words, understandable and comprehensive truths, while at the same time a confessed ability to dream and thus create fiction… I must take this time to weigh in on the side of your Grandmother. You must continue this gift. Keep the pen to paper and dream events, happenings, and write. 
   And if you don't know what to write about, I'll tell you!
   Thanks for this work, which I shall always treasure.
   -- Leonard Heller (uncle)
   I decided to glance through your book, and as yet, have not been able to put it down. I am enjoying thoroughly all that I have thus far read.
   -- Jean Sternlieb

   Bruce’s book is great reading. Some great perspectives on (grandparents) and the family’s emigration to New York, and great insight into (parents).
   -- Robert Polsky (brother)

   Just had the opportunity to read your chapter (‘Fey, What do you know from life?’) It was wonderful and I didn't want it to end.
   -- Jane Sergay
   Have nearly finished your book and I must say not only have I been deeply moved and enthralled with the stories of your family and life adventures, it was the opening of your soul, your thoughts, your dreams and disappointments, that really touched me.
   -- Nancy Tartol
   You are a superb writer, and I greatly enjoyed getting to know you through your book...  
   -- Philip R. Fischer